Carol and Charlie Whitney

Carol’s casual southern, coastal Georgia entertaining style and friendly, outgoing nature combined with her hospitality background make her the perfect hostess for your Paxton stay.  Be prepared for her wit and charm and ask for her breakfast frittatas, usually packed full of local ingredients, some she grows herself. Carol’s love of Thomasville is contagious and she enjoys exploring the pine forests and spring fed rivers in the Red Hills Region.

Charlie’s work on the Paxton started long before it was his. As a renovator of historic buildings, Charlie helped Miss Susie, the former owner, keep the Paxton in tip top shape. Today, his business, C. H. Whitney keeps him busy working on renovations (houses and vintage Land Rovers), negotiating real estate deals and collecting antiques for his shop and the Paxton. You can visit his shop on Remington Avenue in Downtown Thomasville.

You may also be greeted by Mango Delicious, a pug (shh, don’t tell him he’s a dog) and Sir Bevin, a retired rabbit hunting French Basset from the distinguished Ripshin Basset Pack.